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Our Mission

Our passion is to enable our clients to realize their dreams through smart, informed planning and decision making through the years.  Our mission is simple: to provide innovative, practical financial programs for our valued clients be they individuals, families or businesses.

In operation for over 30 years, Wiklund and Bond has built a legacy of enduring relationships. We value the trust our clients have placed in us and seek to be good stewards of their confidence. Our practice is founded on the pillars of reliability, loyalty, integrity and experience. We approach every client’s unique situation as if they were members of our own families and are committed to their overall success.

Whether it’s paying for college or leaving a financial legacy, we’re ready to assist you every step of the way. So come, join the family and let us help you face tomorrow with confidence. 



Coaches have helped you your whole life, in ways big and small. We'd like to be one of them.
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