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Our Approach

Step 1:  Assess & Organize

First, we'll start with a clean slate and gather knowledge about who you are and your goals for the future. We’ll discuss your plans in regard to family size, buying a home, starting a business, downsizing and legacy planning. We’ll ask you a lot of question and then we’ll listen carefully to understand where you are today and where you’d like to be tomorrow. We'll also collect relevant information which will include risk tolerance, time frames, current savings, accumulated debt, current risk management, family dynamics, dependents, beneficiaries and whatever else is needed to develop a complete and thorough financial picture.

Step 2:  Evaluate & Develop

Next, we'll craft a plan that takes where you are and where you're going into account. Perhaps we'll recommend that you increase your savings rate per month, adjust your asset allocations, or take another course of action. We'll draw upon our years of experience and our entire toolbox of skills to custom design a strategy that is tailor made for you. Whatever you choose, we’ll educate you along the way and make recommendations as needed. Our goal is to help you thoroughly understand your plan and the risks involved.


Step 3:  Monitor & Adjust

Finally, your financial plan will need to evolve over time and change according to life events. Marriages, divorces, career changes, children, tax law changes, inflation, stock market fluctuations, recessions and more all require newer perspectives on how to manage your finances in keeping with your goals. As experts in the field, it’s our business to be aware of the financial climate and any trends which may require making changes, reallocations and perhaps even altering our strategy. We’ll encourage you to stay in whatever level of contact you’re comfortable with and will make it a point to be available to discuss your needs as they arise.

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